RHB Leachate

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PB 566 2019
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Full Disclosure

"I would like all information (briefing notes, email and correspondence) between the City, the Robin Hood Bay Waste Facility and the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment regarding the collection, treatment and disposal of leachate from the Robin Hood Bay Facility.


1) Has a Leachate treatment facility been constructed on site?

2) What exemptions calling for the treatment of leachate at the facility have been made or requested?

3) Was a leachate treatment facility a condition of the original proposal to create a regional waste facility at Robin Hood Bay? What rationale was made for not building it.

4) The procedures for testing the composition of leachate at the Robin Hood Bay facility, at the point of discharge into the harbor at Riverhead and all results since the commissioning of the Robin Hood Bay Waste Facility."