Public Transit

Public Transit

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Buses are operated by Metrobus, which is governed by the St. John's Transportation Commission.

The Metrobus office is located at 25 Messenger Drive, St. John's NL 

Tel (Administration) (709) 570-2020
Fax (709) 722-0018
Ride Guide Customer Service, 24-hour Route & Schedule Info: (709) 722-9400
Lost & Found - please call Ride Guide at (709) 722-9400

Customer Service Centre Hours
(@ 25 Messenger Drive)
Monday - Friday
7:30 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Our facility is serviced "on demand" by routes 10 and 16; when you board one of these routes, simply tell the Driver that you want to go to Metrobus on Messenger Drive and he or she will turn off Kelsey Drive and bring you to our new building. If no customers request to be taken to our facility on any route 10 or 16 trip, these routes will stay on Kelsey Drive/Goldstone Street as they do now. When you are leaving our building, be sure to ask the Information Services Rep (ISR) to radio the Driver of the 10 or 16 and ask him to service the building on the next trip by Messenger Drive.

St. John's Transportation Commission
Councillor Ian Froude - Chair
Shawn Skinner - Vice-chair
Councillor Dave Lane - Commissioner
Colleen Galgay-Johnston - Commissioner
Kirsten Morry - Commissioner
Paul Walsh - Commissioner
Councillor Hope Jamieson - Commissioner
Kevin Breen - City Manager
Derek Coffey - Deputy City Manager, Finance
Judy Powell - General Manager

GoBus is also operated under Metrobus’ administration. Contact GoBus Accessible Transit at:  

Accessible Transit Services
25 Messenger Drive
St. John`s, NL
A1B 0H6
Phone: 709-570-2131
Fax: 709-722-0018