Home is Home

Home is Home

Having a home that is affordable is:

  • a key pathway out of poverty
  • a foundation for a safe, prosperous and healthy community
  • a sound public investment that contributes to resident well-being and the economy
  • a human right enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

People across the income spectrum find it increasingly difficult to secure suitable, adequate and affordable housing. With one in four St. John’s households struggling to pay for housing costs the City’s housing needs are currently not being met.

How do we address the gap?

There is a need to build strong partnerships to produce, protect and promote affordable housing for the people of St. John’s. The City has developed an Affordable Housing Strategy with a 10-year commitment to leverage its capacity to create solutions.

What is NIMBY?

The Canadian Home Builders define the “Not-In-My-Backyard” syndrome or “NIMBY” ‘to describe the desire of residents in a neighbourhood to prevent certain land uses near their homes or communities’. NIMBY is a major barrier to creating more affordable housing options. Click here for a copy of their ‘Building ‘Yes’: A Not-In-My- Backyard (NIMBY) Toolkit

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